Menu Plan Monday ~ January 16th

This has really helped me not only with my grocery bill but also with keeping more organized. I use a weekly Meal Planner sheet from that has my menu on one side and my grocery list on the other so that when I am done shopping I can put my list up on the refrigerator for the family to see. Normally for breakfast I either have Odwalla or I have a shakeology. Lunches are normally a sandwich, or a hot pocket and some fruit. Monday: Bow Tie Chicken Pasta Tuesday: Pot Roast with … [Read more...]

Todays Challenge Got me Thinking

Here we are only 99 days til Christmas.  I am kind getting worried.  I need to get more of my handmade items for Christmas made.  I have some really great ideas but need to put them into play.  I am excited about Christmas present we are giving everyone from our family it will be really cool but I need to start getting it together. Today's challenge is another easy one for me because I am some what of an organization freak.  We need to print off a September, October, November and December Cale … [Read more...]

Spring means time for spring cleaning

Can you believe that spring is already here.  The rain we have been getting here has caused our grass to grow super fast.  All the beautiful spring flowers have started to pop up all over the place.  We have began to plant our garden.  Every where I look spring is peeking out at me.  Including the cleaning my house needs. I alway do a spring cleaning and a fall cleaning.  I get down and dirty.  I clean things, get rid of things, organize things.  I know the family hates when I get this way but t … [Read more...]

A Holiday EPlanner You Must Have

I am addicted to list and writing things by hand.  There I admitted it.  I am probley one of tht biggest list makers you will ever meet.  Seriously most list I have, have list themselves.  I think it is part of the organization freak found in me. I could not tell you how exicted and happy I was when I found Holiday EPlanner by  I seriously could not wait to get my hands on it.  And once it was in my hands I could not wait to get started working on it. Holiday EPlanner had every … [Read more...]