Fitness Friday ~ Feeling Frumpy


When I got the Wii fit I was so excited. I was ready to to rid myself of this weight for once and all. I wanted to be that beautiful skinny momma that you see dropping her kids off at the soccer field. Ok, you got me there. I would never be one of those moms. I am just not that type of person but you know what I mean. I did so well for two weeks. I was exercising, playing all the games, running in place, doing my body test and stamping my calendar every week. THEN…….

I got sick. And it felt like I hit a brick wall. I was at a complete stop. I did not want to even look at the Wii fit much less step up on it for it to tell me oooohhhh, great, or measuring. Now how weird is that. It is not like the Wii fit made me sick, it is not like the Wii was to blame. The sicker I got the worse I disliked the Wii. Once I started getting better I still could not get on the Wii. I felt frumpy. I no longer liked my Wii fit but why. What was wrong with me? Why was I feeling this way? What did my Wii ever do to me?

It took me a long time to get to those answers. I first thought about it then I started chatting with my Weight sponsor, (that is what I call her). I told her what was going on. We discussed how my week had went. And as she talked to me I realized I had done so much with the Wii Fit in the little time I had it that I was bored with the Wii fit. That was my problem.

What would of happened if I did not have my sponsor? Would I have ended up giving up that easy? I feel it is so important that you have someone to talk to, about what you are going through. Someone who is going through what you are going through or has gone through what you are going through. I found a great group of ladies at Wii Mommies Forum that I often turn to for support. But more important I believe you need to find a sponsor, accountability partner or just someone to talk to. There are times when you will feel down in the dumps, feel like you just can’t do it. Times where you just need someone to talk to. Someone to listen to you and tell you get your rear back up there and work out. Put down the brownie. It is not worth it.


  1. I’m so glad you found us and that you are getting the support you need to get moving again! You WILL be successful..I know it!

    Julie, Sarah, Cynthia and I are all so glad to have created a place where we can all go to offer and receive support on our journeys to get fit!

    Jenn @ The Coupon Coup’s last blog post..Fitness Friday/Maternity Mommies: Breastfeeding, Diet and Exercise

  2. Thanks for sharing. Chin up! :)

  3. I’m glad that you found the wiiMommies site & forum. I know sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them too. Don’t give up-The hard work pays off.
    Start over or try again.

    shawn’s last blog post..Fitness Friday

  4. Great post, I am happy to have found this supportive group of gals at Wii Mommies as well.

  5. Support…sponsor…all the same and very importnant in a venture such as weight loss. Happy you ahve that, some do not, you will get though and be stronger for it.

    Keep smiling!

    Trish @IamSucceeding’s last blog post..Fitness Friday ~ Lose Weight or Acheive Health?

  6. You are absolutely right. By coming to me instead of going to the fridge, you not only may lose weight, but you’re gaining a great friend! 😉

    Julie@Momspective’s last blog post..Fitness Friday-EA SPORTS Challenge Wrap Up

  7. we all have aour ups and downs…it is great to have the wiimommies to go to, to talk about them to.

    colleen’s last blog post..Fitness Friday

  8. great post, it’s nice to read ‘realness’… we all go through a ‘frump’!

    keep ur head up!

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