Simplify in 2016

That time of year has quickly come back around. I have wonder where 2016 went. I have thought about what I most of the year on and how I could really get back the real me. How could I gain back my life really and truly start to enjoy it again. And as I sat and really thought about it and meditated on it I could not help but notice the clutter around my desk, and instantly became annoyed. It it was at that moment I realized how my time was wasted. It was wasted in the clutter we … [Read more...]

Step off the path, and head north

I have been traveling around this mountain for way to long. I am beginning to get weak, and even stumble here and there. I have been traveling by myself.  But why? The tears sting as they roll down my face this morning. Trying to catch my breath has become a chore. Then I felt a gentle breeze. Wait it was a whisper. A whisper from the Lord. "Tricia, you have been traveling around this dam mountain way too long. You are stuck in the never ending loop of life. You n … [Read more...]

Goodbye Microwave

As many of you might know we have started deciding to start living more simple in our house.  No that does not mean that we are going to get rid of internet, stop using computers, or anything that drastic.  We are just going back to some simpler living. One of the things I decided to do was stop using my microwave.  Before I was 100% committed I started doing some research on what microwaves do to our food.  I found a great article by Wellness Mama. And a few other that really helped me make t … [Read more...]

My Nightstand – January 2015

I am also reading: A Shade of Kiev on my kindle … [Read more...]

Going to take the path less traveled

Every year I create a bunch of BS resolutions. I decided what I am and am not going to do for the next year. Sometimes it is all about eating healthy, sometimes it is all about doing daily devotionals, other times it has been about exercising more, eat less. You know the list goes on and on and on. It is that same list I am sure we have all made a million times, every single year on January 1st. I am so sick of making these resolutions and never following through.  These resolutions … [Read more...]

I never really understood until now…

Growing up I never really understood what Veteran's Day was or meant.  I don't ever remember someone explaining it to me or in school to be honest. But now that I am all grown up I finally get it. I understand what Veteran's Day is all about. And I wish I could go around and thank every single person who has fought for our country, is fighting for our country now and who will fight for our country in the future. This world is crazy and I could not image how much crazier it would be … [Read more...]

Focus Friday – I lost my focus…

Don't you hate it when you have all this drive and focus and then you turn around and it is like you lost it or misplaced it? I can't tell you how much I hate that. A week ago I was doing amazing. I was blogging weekly. I was exercising daily. I was checking in with my accountability partners. I was doing everything I needed to be doing and more. Then Monday came.... The weekend was too short. The amount of things I need to do had stacked up on me. And here I have … [Read more...]

Focus Friday – Getting Started

My BFF Nan and I decided since our word for the year was focus that we would start doing a Focus Friday. We decided to do it so that one it would keep us accountable but also so that we could check each others progress and see how things are going. We figured Friday was the perfect day to really focus on not only what you have accomplished during the week but start to focus on the coming up week. This week I got a lot done: 2013 paper work (home and business) all filed and put … [Read more...]

January 2014 – My Nightstand

  My nightstand is always full of books. I never ever read one book at a time and I never ever just read on type of book. This month I have biblical, health and fitness, business and a journal to write all my thoughts, prayers, concerns and well everything. What is on your night stand? … [Read more...]

What is going to be different this year?

That time of year again. Making resolutions... Sticking to them for a month give or take a day... And then pushing them to the side or totally forgetting about them. But don't you want this year to be different? I know I do. I want to make this year count. I don't want to give up only a month into the year. I want to look back on 2014 and be like holy %*&^ I did that... I changed, I grew, I made a difference. I rocked 2014! But how am I going to make this … [Read more...]