A Holiday EPlanner You Must Have

I am addicted to list and writing things by hand.  There I admitted it.  I am probley one of tht biggest list makers you will ever meet.  Seriously most list I have, have list themselves.  I think it is part of the organization freak found in me.

I could not tell you how exicted and happy I was when I found Holiday EPlanner by Listplanit.com.  I seriously could not wait to get my hands on it.  And once it was in my hands I could not wait to get started working on it. Holiday EPlanner had everything I had hoped for, wanted and needed to get my holiday action plan in motion.

Once I had it printed off and safely tucked in my home binder.  I was on a mission.  I started feeling out the pages.  I want to share with you my favorite pages:

  • The December Calendar (started writing in important dates on it right away)
  • Cards to Send (I got out my list from last year of people who sent us cards and started adding)
  • Cards Received ( can’t wait to start receiving cards)
  • Wish List (this is an awesome list and I have already started adding to it)
  • Gift List (A,B,C) I have already started filling these out
  • Holiday Meal Planner (this is awesome because I have already started planning my meal and actually I am going to use it to plan my Thanksgiving meal too)
  • Holiday Gifts Received (now why did I not think of that.  This year I get to write down what we received and send out thank you cards)
  • Holiday Memories (What a great tradition I can start by writing down my favorite memories every year)
  • Holiday coolies and candy planner (this year is my first year I am making cookies and candy so I needed this)
  • Advent Activity Planner (this is awesome and she has an example one too.)

Those are just my favorites and there are still tons more that I did not even mention.  I know I know now you are wishing you had one.  Well Listplanit.com has given me permission to give one away.  So all you need to do is GO visit http://listplanit.com and leave me a comment here on  on how much you would love a Holiday EPlanner and how you would use it and on Nov. 21st I will give away a free Holiday EPlanner to One Lucky Person.


  1. Cool Contest! It’s the 21st now, is it too late to enter?

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