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Monday Menu Planning

Monday ~ Italian Chicken Bo Ties Tuesday ~ Burritos and rice Wed~ Chicken Casserole and Corn Thursday ~ Pork Roast, potatos, onions, carrots Friday ~ Out to Eat … [Read more...]

Menu Planning Monday

Spaghetti ~ Salad ~ Garlic Bread Chicken Casserole ~ Corn ~ Bread Hamburger Helper ~ Green Beans ~ Rolls Pulled Pork Sandwiches ~ French Fries Stir Fry and Rice ~ homemade bread … [Read more...]

Leaves Me Breathless

This is the View out my back door! … [Read more...]

Release, We Must Release

I was over reading I'm an Organizing Junkies blog and came a crossed a post about getting rid of cook books. At first I was like why do that what if you need them or you need that one recipe out of it that you want to cook tomorrow night but as I read on it made total sense. I too like her get most of my recipes off of the internet. But I do get recipes out of my cookbooks also so I had a decision to make. I decided first that this was something that needed tackled. So, I counted how many … [Read more...]

Monday Motivation

Getting Motivated is sometimes very hard for me. Sometimes I don't feel like pulling myself out of bed much less being motivated. But here the lat few days I have really started to become motivated. I am getting much more done around the house. And with being motivated I have so much more energy. Take Saturday for example. I started out my day not know what to do with myself and ended my day getting tons done. I had been telling Haylee to clean her room for over a week now. She always … [Read more...]