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Wordless Wednesday ~ Baby, It's Cold Outside

Ok so all morning long I have been walking around the house singing.  Baby, Is Snowing outside.  SO I changed the song around a little but still I have been singing all day.  I have wanted snow for so long now.  It just did not feel like December without snow.  Sweet sweet snow. SO we got snow.  Not tons of snow but a lot.  Kids are on their way out to play in the snow so I have to go but wanted to share the pictures with you anyways. … [Read more...]

Christmas Shopping all Year Long

photo credit: OiMax I am so about Christmas it is not even funny. I love Christmas. I love to shop at Christmas, I love to shop for Christmas presents. So this year Hubby decided that we would do all our shopping at one time. Well I am one that shops all year long. I start the day after Christmas and by the time December rolls around all I have left to get is the big gifts. Well not this year. So the other day Hubby asks, " When are you going to start wrapping presents?" I was like what … [Read more...]

I Am Married to a Navy Man

Do you know that the old saying goes that you marry a man just like your father is completely true. I married a man that I learn more and more is like my father every day. Both clean freaks, both perfectionist, both Navy Veterans. Now growing up I did not understand why my Dad kept such a clean nice house all the time. So many other kids houses I went to the Moms kept the houses and the Dads did not. My Dad kept our house is ship shape as he would call it. We had weekly cleaning called … [Read more...]