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Christmas Eve

Arizona is such a beautiful place to be for Christmas and I Praise The Lord for giving me this time to spend with my Mom.  But boy do I miss Nebraska and Home.  The Girls and I came to Arizona to spend time with my Mom over the Christmas while my Husband stayed home to work and my step son spent the holiday with his mom.  And I am having such a wonderful time but I truly miss my home, my animals, and my hubby most of all.  I do have to say while out here I have had the chance to reflect on my li … [Read more...]

My CBC with LaTara Continues…

I am really happy that LaTara and I have joined together to have a CBC. I am getting to know LaTara and having so much fun doing it.  So LaTara asked me: "What do you find most challenging about working from home?" And what a great question that is.  I have only truly been working from home since July.  And in December of this month is when I started my VA business. I should probley tell you a little of what I do from home first.  I work for a non profit organization called Neighbor to Nei … [Read more...]

What Kind of Grandma am I to my Daughters Baby Doll

Ok so two years ago I bought my youngest a Cabbage Patch Kid Preemie for Christmas and she really has never played with it.  SO I finally asked her a couple weeks ago how come you don't play with Destiny any more.  She says mom Des is naked she has no cloths.  Not even a diaper and it is true.  I have been searching for the last two years for Preemie cabbage patch kid cloths.  If they make the doll where are the cloths?  So I decided I am going to make Des cloths for Christmas.  And here they are … [Read more...]

Cross Blog Conversation (CBC) #1

So you have to go and check out what LaTara had to say about my question.  It is awesome and I am really getting to know her.  And in turn she has asked me "What does the title of your blog say about you?" So I had to think about this for a while.  It took me a long time to come up with that title. First if you have not guessed I love Dragonfly's. When we moved to our house I told hubby that we have to build a pond because the Dragonflys like water and I want Dragonfly's around my house.  And … [Read more...]

Cross Blog Conversation (CBC) Meet my friend LaTara

Well for the last couple weeks I have been watching all my tweets (twitter friends) doing Cross  Blog Conversations (CBC) and I so wanted to join but did not know who to ask and it seemed that everyone was already CBC so I just stayed quiet.  Well today while twittering I noticed LaTara say that everyone else was CBC but her so I knew that was my que to jump in and learn more about my friend.  LaTara and I are alot alike but alot different so I think this is the start of a beautiful fr … [Read more...]