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Personalized Santa Letters

Well it is that time of year again.  Time to send out Personalized Santa Letters.  Seasonal Smiles is my personal business that I am just starting out and I would love to have you as a customer. You get a lot of stuff for a great price and the smile you see on your childs face when they receive a letter from Santa is priceless. … [Read more...]

Handmade Christmas Presents!

So this year I am trying my hardest to make most of my own presents.  I am making photo flipbooks with the help of Snapfish.  I am making my special Mom-Me Rag quilts for the smaller children in my family.  I am making crochet slippers for my daughters. And I am going to make pajama pants for my kids too.  I had a collage made for my husbands grandma of some pictures that we took while we were visiting her.  Let see who else is there.  Now I am having to buy my husband all of his presents except … [Read more...]

Thankgiving Week

Thanksgiving week was here and gone before I could even blink. But my body sure feels it.  I am tired worn down and do not want to do dishes or cook for the next two weeks.  I know, I know you are thinking how can I not cook for two weeks.  If you seen all the left overs we have you would totally understand.  We went to  my aunt Neva's house on Thanksgiving Day. Oh it was a very nice time and it was so to be with family and just eat and have a great day. But then dishes came.  It was me and my c … [Read more...]

Down another pound.

Well I have started to do step aerobics twice a week and I am totally loving it.  I have lost another pound.  This aerobics are really helping out.  You know I tried to go on south beach again but that just does not work for me.  I do much better at watching my portions and exercising.  If I can lose a pound a week I will be very happy.  I am doing very well right now and I just need to stay on track. It has been a very busy week this last week.  I have been working on Seasonal Smiles and gettin … [Read more...]

Beautiful Jewelry

If you are looking for beautiful, elegant, fun, jewelry then you have to go and check out Jewelry by Erin.  She has the most beautiful Jewelry and she is very reasonable.  So go over and see what she has and pick up some great Christmas Gifts while you are there. … [Read more...]