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Wordless Wednesday

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I have been tagged

My good friend Alyssa over at Life from my Laptop tagged me.  She wants me to tell 15 ways I save money.  I am kinda a penny pincher so this was a good tag for me. 1. I am a Menu Planner and only shop off of my grocery list. 2.  I shop ebay all the time for everything. 3.  I buy my husbands work cloths at the local used clothing store. 4. I make all of my youngest daughters doll clothing. 5. I don't buy school cloths until fall comes.  Normally they are on sale then and also they already hav … [Read more...]

Landed in the swamp……………

Lately I have really been feeling like I have been in a slump.  I have been slacking on my work, I have been slacking on my house, I have been slacking in His Word.  I was not sure if I was the only one that noticed this but can see it around my house and I have noticed it alot in my mood.  So if I am noticing it then the rest of the family must be noticing it and just being nice. For a while I was not sure if I could fix this.  I was not sure I could fix my life and get out of this swamp.  But t … [Read more...]

How many hours in a day?

This is a problem I am seeming to run into here lately.  When  I am making my schedule and  someone calls to make an appointment I figure ok this will take about this much time.  But when it actually comes to it I am always running late to the next appointment, errand, ect...  It is so frustrating.  I have always thought I was a good planner and scheduler but here lately I am not doing very well.  Things here lately are taking much longer then what I scheduled them to take.  Or maybe I am schedul … [Read more...]

So What do you think…..

Well here I am with a new me and an new start.  I am totally loving this new design Heather did for me .  If you want to check out more  work go on over and check out the  amazing work she is doing girly blog designz.  She does a amazing job.  So I bet you are wondering why the new blog and the new look.  Well I am really starting to get into blogging and totally love it.  Not only that but my youngest daughter was born with a birth defect and she wants to help other children with her same condi … [Read more...]